Jingle for a Jackpot

Who wants to win a four-pack of wristbands AND a food voucher--a prize valued at more than $100?

This is your chance.

Gather your wristband hopefuls and put your best Summer Fun Fest pitch to music or rhyme.

Pick a popular song, nursery rhyme or poem and use it to tell the world why Oglesby Summer Fun Fest is the place to be June 14th to 17th.

Record a performance of your ditty and post it to the Oglesby Facebook page by noon on Monday, June 11th.

Finalists will be chosen based on creativity, power of the pitch and its reach--that is, how many likes and shares it receives on the Oglesby page. 

We'll let you know the finalists by Tuesday, June 14th.

The winner will be announced on Thursday, June 14th, before SFF begins.

Good luck, everyone, and have fun!

Some things to remember...

  • You can find out everything you need to know about SFF--and strengthen your pitch--on the website, www.oglesbyfunfest.com
  • Any familar tune (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, etc.) will do the ticket with a little creativity. 
  • This is a family-friendly event; any submissions should be likewise friendly for any audience.
  • Old submissions will not be accepted and finalists will be determined by the Jingle committee.